Visiting the Railway – Using Sat Nav

For many years in our advertising we have given the postcode of the railway to assist in finding it.  We have just learned that for some 18 months visitors have been trying to access the site via North End Farm in the nearby village of Haynes.  Understandably the patience of the farmer has now become exhausted, particularly when one visitor turned his car round by driving through a crop field.

A  check with the Royal Mail postcode finder gave the expected response, the site at Hammer Hill on the A600 between Bedford and Shefford.

However a further check on my Sat. Nav. found that in response to the postcode it was giving North Lane in Haynes which leads to the farm.  So mystery solved……there is a programming error on my TOM TOM Sat Nav and therefore on countless other TOM TOMs, also very possibly on other makes.

The postcode is being removed from all BMES advertising and a large sign will be placed at the head of Notth Lane redirecting visitors to the railway.