Unfortunately, due to the goverment restrictions imposed as a result of the Coronavirus we have been forced to cancel all public events for the time being. We do not know how long it will be before we are able to re-open but can only hope that it will be possible to run later in the year. Updates will be posted here and on our Facebook page as and when we know more.

In the meantime we wish all of our visitors safe passage through the coming weeks, and hope that we will see you all when we re-open.



The following programme details the public running days, when the general public are invited to visit Summerfields' Railways and enjoy watching and riding on the trains.

Departure times and Fares
On Public Running days the first train of the day departs at 10:30 from Haynes End and the last train of the day departs at 15:45.

A return ticket costs £2.50 per person but children under the age of two travel free. Charges do not include the two smaller railways.

Two smaller railways, Winterfield and Springfield, operate at Hammer Hill; at the far end of the main railway. Rides on these railways are charged separately to the main railway, as shown in the table to the right of this page.

Sun 29thPublic Running
Wed 8thPublic Running (limited catering)
Sun 12thPublic Running
Mon 13thPublic Running
Sun 3rdPublic Running
Sun 24thPublic Running
Mon 25thPublic Running - Charity Day
Wed 27thPublic Running (limited catering)
Sun 7thPublic Running
Sun 28thPublic Running
Sun 12thPublic Running
Wed 22ndPublic Running (limited catering)
Sun 26thPublic Running
Wed 29thPublic Running (limited catering)
Wed 5thPublic Running (limited catering)
Wed 12thPublic Running (limited catering)
Sun 30thPublic Running
Mon 31stPublic Running
Sun 6thPublic Running
Sun 27thPublic Running
Sun 11thPublic Running
Sun 25thPublic Running
Wed 28thPublic Running (limited catering)
Sat 5thSanta Specials - rides available by pre-booking only.
Sun 6thSanta Specials - rides available by pre-booking only.

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