We maintain a permanent Headquarters at our site near to Haynes.  There we have a substantial Clubhouse and buffet, an engineering workshop, library and storage area. We meet socially on the second Monday of each month for a diverse range of activities, talks by members and guest speakers, discussions, bring and buy sales etc. We also publish a quarterly newsletter, The Coupling, which is either emailed or posted to members.

The Summerfields Miniature Railways are the most obvious section of the Society and are staffed by members who enjoy constructing and operating both steam, electric and i/c locomotives.  The railways are, the Summerfield Railway of nearly three-quarters mile ground level 7¼” and 5" gauge track which joins to the Springfield Railway which is also dual gauge, ground level.  The Winterfield raised track is the third railway and caters for 5”, 3½” and 2½” gauge trains.

Members also meet on Wednesdays and Sundays to maintain and enhance our facilities or just to natter.

If you are interested in learning more about us come along and see what we have to offer or contact our Secretary.



Membership Fees for 2023
Full Membership £35
Family Membership (partner only) £7
Junior Membership (Under 18 years old) £10

Please complete both forms and send to the Membership Secretary at the Club address.