May Activity

Trains were running over the weekend of 26th and 27th May with plenty of visitors. Many were visiting for the first time having learned of our existence from this website. I am always surprised, amazed even, when visitors are from nearby villages and had been unaware of the railway’s presence.

The weather held fair with mostly warm bright sunshine, although at the top of the hill the wind added a chill factor. Why do you think we call the railway there Winterfield??

In preparation for the weekend sterling efforts had been made to ensure that the railway was safe and ready for business. The work proved worthwhile with only minor hitches being reported.

There were many compliments regarding the Clubhouse, now into its second season. The buffet ladies were kept busy with scarcely an idle moment. Three of them have now earned Basic Food Course certificates that are proudly displayed at the buffet counter. The patio seating was much appreciated, seeing considerable numbers of people enjoying refreshment and watching the world go by.