Keech Charity Day

By Tony Bullock

After a busy start to our public running season with two Bank Holiday weekends it was now the Spring Bank Holiday. Once again all train fares on Monday were being donated to the Keech Hospice.

Keech set up a display of their work in the clubhouse and a stand outside running a tombola.

All our railways were in operation with passengers enjoying rides both on the ground level and raised level tracks. The garden railway was operating and many people were watching these small steam powered locomotives being driven round the circuit. Families were also making use of the picnic tables in this area.

In spite of a questionable weather forecast we were pleased to see a good turnout of some of our regular passengers and some coming for their first visit. At the end of the day a cheque for over £1200 was presented to Keech who thanked all those who had contributed to a successful day.

BMES thanks all our visitors and staff for their support on our Charity Day.