June Members Meeting

The evening meeting on 10th June was informed and entertained by Ian Couchman of the Saffron Walden Society of Model Engineers.

He presented  a talk on both Greensand casting and Lost Wax casting giving detail on each method and the pros and cons associated with them.

He described the construction of a waste oil burning furnace, the casting materials needed and the many tricks of the tyrade when pattern making.  He went on to describe methods of obtaining a good pour of the liquid metal and the elimination of blow holes (not always

To conclude that part of the talk he stressed the need for using the right safety clothing and ensuring a safe method of work.

Then he spoke  about the process of lost wax casting covering modelling the article required in wax, forming the mould, heating the wax out and finally pouring the liquid metal. Some extremely detailed castings were on display.

A thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile evening.