Christmas Quiz Leaves Contestants In The Dark

Nobody had an answer for the problem seen above.

Members of the Bedford Model Engineering Society gathered in our clubhouse for the final social event of 2015 on the 14th December. The event was our Annual Christmas Quiz which was, once again, prepared and presented by Quizmaster Richard Shepherd.

Six teams were organised and the rules explained. These rules do not change and the main one states ” The answer to all questions is the one that is on the Quizmasters sheet irrespective of what anyone else may think”. This saves any arguments as to it being right or wrong.

Battle commenced. All went well and as round six started it was announced that refreshments would be served at the end of the round. A good selection of savouries, crisps, cakes and nibbles were eagerly anticipated together with tea and coffee. However, the local energy supplier decided to intervene and the whole area was plunged into darkness with a power cut.

Not to be done out of the treats several torches appeared, some smart phones lit up, the emergency lighting worked and old urn was full of hot water.

So in spite of the lack of mains lighting the raffle took place whilst the food and drink were rapidly consumed. We ended up having had a fun evening with much laughter, jolly banter and all in good spirits. A great start to Christmas. Who won? Who knows? We did however get home an hour earlier than expected.