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We Are Open! 

BUT "Normality" has not yet resumed.

We had hoped and intended to re-open to the Public after July 19th and run our separate railways for you in much the same way as we did pre-Covid including removing the need to prebook and the re-introduction of longer trains. However, having announced this shortly after the Government's confirmation that the regulations were to be done away with from July 19th, it has become increasingly apparent that the Covid infection rate is getting much worse and likely to continue to do so. This has led to a great deal of disquiet amongst both our members and the public. So what to do?

Well, we apologise for any confusion these late changes might cause, but we have decided on the following :
We will attempt to run all three railway rides on the pre-Covid routes.
The Summerfields Line (main line) will remain as single carriage trains with extended couplings (as we have them already) and in order to even out the flow of passengers we will go back to pre-booking on-line.
Summerfield Line trains will stop at Hammer Hill for passengers to alight and enjoy the other rides and facilities at that station.
Train and platform staff will continue to wear face coverings, and, in common with many other organisations from shops through to airlines and London Transport, we would ask that passengers do likewise, for the protection of others when in close proximity.
The Station Buffet will remain a take-away service.
The picnic tables at Hammer Hill will be available for your use, as will those at Haynes End.

Things you need to know.

Prices for 2021 are:

Summerfields Railway (the main line)    £2.50 (return ticket from Haynes End to Hammer Hill)

Springfield Line                                      £1.00

Winterfield Line (the raised track)          £1.00

We will continue to offer the card payment option introduced during the Pandemic - in fact it is now our preferred payment method. 

Toilets - as you may know the toilets do not belong to Bedford MES but are provided as a communal facility by our landlord for those on the Summerfields Barns site. Although they are not our responsibility, we will endeavour to check them on a regular basis. We will be providing hand sanitiser in a dispenser just outside the toilet block.

Hand sanitiser will also be available at various points.

In common with other visitor attractions we have had to move to booking in advance in order to better manage passenger numbers on our site, and all payments will have to be made using contactless card.

We use your details to process your booking and facilitate your visit, but we are no longer required to take contact details of visitors for Track and Trace purposes. Data will not be retained beyond one month after your visit and will not be used for purposes other than those stated.

Therefore, we are asking that everybody who wants to ride our trains, first makes a booking online. Payment will still be taken at our Ticket Office but, again as other venues, only by contactless card. 

Our trains will carry a maximum of six passengers with a maximum of four adults. Please do not attempt to book more than this on one train.

So, please pick a time and date on the booking form at the bottom of this page, complete with your details and submit. You will receive a confirmation email by return.


In the event that you have to CANCEL we would really like you to let us know (before your day of travel if at all possible, please), by clicking the REPLY button to the confirmation email and dropping us a note.

Since we started on-line booking, we have often been fully booked well in advance. However we have found that between 15% and 20% of the folk who have booked simply do not bother to show up, thus denying others the chance for a ride (and us some much needed funds).

We prefer not to take payment at the time of booking but what we will do is reserve the right to offer the slot to anyone waiting for a ride if you are not checked in at the ticket office entrance a minimum of FIVE minutes before your train departure time. Please, please make sure that you are checked in at least five minutes before your train is due to depart – if you are later than that, we will not be able to guarantee your ride.

And lastly, it is a railway so, just like the "big" trains, departure times may slip a bit from your booked time due to operational circumstances. We will do our very best to be on schedule, but please be patient with us if we should be running late!

Thank You for your understanding and for supporting our railway - as always, we are looking forward to seeing you.

Keep scrolling down - the booking form is coming - honestly!!

Note: We are not open every day, so only the highlighted dates on the calendar can be selected. Our system only allows you to select one time-slot per booking. Booking will close 18:00hrs on the day before travel - booking on the day of travel is not normally possible.

If you should wish to book more than one ride, please leave at least 24 minutes between departures.

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