2021 Events Page

From 29th August you will not need to pre-book for Public Running Days!  



We are working towards re-opening all three of our railways as you are used to finding them:

The Summerfield Line will take you between Haynes End Station and Hammer Hill Station. 

At Hammer Hill you will have the option of taking a ride on two more of our railways - The Springfield Line from platform 2 and The Winterfield Line from platform 3 - tickets for both are sold at Hammer Hill. 

The picnic area at Hammer Hill will also be open for you to use, from where you will once again be able to watch the Garden Line in operation.

At Haynes End the Station Buffet will be open for refreshments and picnic tables are available for your use on the grass outside.

Steam engines will also be back as often as we are able.


Trains depart Haynes End between 10:30 and 15:45 (approx.), we close at 16:00.


Prices for 2021 are:

Summerfields Railway (the main line)    £2.50 (return ticket from Haynes End to Hammer Hill)

Springfield Line                                      £1.00

Winterfield Line (the raised track)          £1.00

We will continue to offer the card payment option introduced during the Pandemic - in fact it is now our preferred payment method. 


Whilst the Covid regulations have been done away with, we are aware that some people (including some of our own folk) are perhaps still a little wary of having closer contact with others. With that in mind, our platform staff will continue to wear masks for the time being and we ask that our passengers also consider wearing face coverings whilst in close proximity to others - mainly while queueing and when on our trains. Thank You for your understanding.


Below you will find a calendar listing the remaining Public Events for 2021.

Except where indicated you do not need to book in advance, merely "turn-up and go". The operation of all railways is subject to the availability of volunteers to run them and the prevailing weather conditions. We do try to run even when the weather is not at its best, but will have to cease operations should conditions dictate.


Trains depart Haynes End between 10:30 and 15:45 (approx.), trains leaving Haynes End after 15:30 will not stop at Hammer Hill. We close at 16:00.


Sun 29thPublic Running
Mon 30thPublic Running
Wed 1stPublic Running (limited catering)
Fri 3rdGala ( Model Engineering guests only)
Sat 4thGala ( Model Engineering guests only)
Sun 5thPublic Running (Gala - trains hauled by visiting locomotives)
Sun 26thPublic Running
Sun 10thPublic Running
Sun 24thPublic Running
Wed 27thPublic Running (limited catering)
Sat 4thSanta Specials
Sun 5thSanta Specials